>> Tuesday, September 21st, @ 20:21CET! Sounds of LAJKÓ FÉLIX, MARKO LOUIS, MILE KEKIN & RAMBO AMADEUS recorded at the ancient Bač fortresses! "/>
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17. September 2021.

Celebrating the EC Day with "Incredible Destination Events" project

Interreg-IPA CBC Hungary - Serbia programme is a regular partner of the EC Day Celebration. As for the 10th anniversary of this huge celebration of European cooperation, we would like to present an activity organized within the “Incredible Destination Events” project (IDE), one of the 44 currently running projects within the Interreg IPA CBC HU-SRB programme. The IDE project is implemented by the Exit Foundation (Serbia) and the ÓNTE National Heritage Park (Hungary). The partnership between these institution can be considered as long-term and sustainable, as the IDe project is a continuation of their previously- and successfully implemented joint activities, also co-funded through our Programme in recent years.

The “Mirna Bačka” (Peace in Bačka) special, is a state of an art quality program, that will be premiered on September 21st, symbolically at 20:21 CET (Novi Sad 2021 ECC). The selected TV stations and EXIT Youtube channel will be the place to be at the scheduled time, as well as the newly created IDE project portal incredibledestinations.events. In 50 minutes runtime, the special program will present authentic and original performances of regionally well-known music artists Lajkó Félix, Marko Louis, Mile Kekin, and Rambo Amadeus. The first venue presented in this online music show is more than thrilling: the Bač fortress, one of the most valuable monuments of medieval architecture in Vojvodina! The host of the show is Bojan Ivković, a well-known Serbian musician. In addition to the Bač Fortress, this special program focuses on other touristic sights of the city of Bač and its surroundings, but also underlines the joint promotion of peace in the region, which EXIT has been promoting through its activism for over 20 years now.


Don’t forget!


September 21st, 20:21 CET, here: https://incredibledestinations.events/

Other news

  • 23. May 2022.
    POPEYE fair organized in Novi Kneževac
    The POPEYE project gathered more than 500 children to promote physical education programs and healthy food. Read more here >>>
  • 11. May 2022.
    WSC Route: Exhibition in Szeged!
    WSC Route - Famous women in science and culture: Exhibition about 5 ladies who added to the spiritual prosperity of Szeged at the turn from the 19th to the 20th century... REÖK palace - Szeged, from May 7th - June 12th!
  • 21. April 2022.
    2021 - 2027 IP (Interreg Programme) submitted!
    2021 - 2027 TA, SEA, IP! The Partner states Hungary and Serbia along with the Programming Committee, including the Joint Secretariat of the running programme, are happy to announce that a series of programming documents has been created and adopted, and that the IP (Interreg Programme) has been submitted to EC! Follow the link in this article to read more about the process: