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12. November 2020.

Data protection and data processing policy

The purpose of the present data protection and data processing policy is to define data protection and data processing principles related to the operation of the Programme operated by the Széchenyi Programme Office Consulting and Service Non-Profit Limited Liability Company and therefore, the data subject will be provided with adequate information of data processed by the Company or the data processor involved by the Company, source of the data, purpose of the processing, legal basis for the processing, period of processing, name and address of data processor involved by data controller, activity of data controller related to data processing, furthermore, where personal data is transferred the legal basis for and recipient of transfer of personal data.

The document is now available in three languages from the download section:

In addition, the document called 'Data protection information in the 2014-2020 programming period' and issued by the Managing Authority (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade), as data controller, has been updated. The updated version is available here:

Other news

  • 29. December 2020.
    Interreg+, the new information and monitoring system
    A new information and monitoring system is introduced for the Interreg programmes implemented with Hungarian Managing Authority. The INTERREG+ (I+) platform will be used for reporting by the Beneficiaries of the 3rd Call for Proposals.
  • 29. December 2020.
    New projects in contracting phase
    40 projects will start or have already started the implementation within the 3rd Call for Proposals.
  • 28. December 2020.
    Projects making a difference - BABECA
    BABECA project has multiple significance with improving the functioning of the Baja-Bezdan Canal.