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29. December 2020.

Interreg+, the new information and monitoring system

A new information and monitoring system is introduced for the Interreg programmes implemented with Hungarian Managing Authority. The INTERREG+ (I+) platform will be used for reporting by the Beneficiaries of the 3rd Call for Proposals.

The structure and the screens of the new system are similar to the previous one (IMIS 2014-2020), but its look and the operation is much improved based on the experience gained in the previous years. The main goal of the developer was to create an easy-to-understand operation with a user-friendly surface.

The first Beneficiary Reports within Interreg+ are expected in the end of January 2021. The system was introduced to the Beneficiaries on the Beneficiary Seminars that were held in September for the Hungarian partners and on this week for the Serbian partners.

The operation of the system is presented by the I+ Team on a tutorial video. The video is available on the following link:

A user manual is also issued to the platform, which can be downloaded from below.


Update - 14.01.2021: The 'User Manual for the User Managment Tool for INTERREG+ IT System' is also available and can be downloaded from below.

Update - 22.02.2021: The 'User Manual for the User Managment Tool for INTERREG+ IT System' has been updated and the 'User Manual for the Project Report for INTERREG+ IT System' has been uploaded.


The following documents are available for download:
INTERREG+_Beneficiary_Report_Front _Office_User_manual_HUSRB interreg-beneficiary-report-front-office-user-manual-husrb.pdf
INTERREG+_Project_Report_Front _Office_User_manual_HUSRB interreg-project-report-front-office-user-manual-husrb.pdf
User Manual for Front Office Users - INTERREG+ User Management Tool user-manual-for-front-office-users-interreg-user-management-tool.pdf

Other news

  • 23. May 2022.
    POPEYE fair organized in Novi Kneževac
    The POPEYE project gathered more than 500 children to promote physical education programs and healthy food. Read more here >>>
  • 11. May 2022.
    WSC Route: Exhibition in Szeged!
    WSC Route - Famous women in science and culture: Exhibition about 5 ladies who added to the spiritual prosperity of Szeged at the turn from the 19th to the 20th century... REÖK palace - Szeged, from May 7th - June 12th!
  • 21. April 2022.
    2021 - 2027 IP (Interreg Programme) submitted!
    2021 - 2027 TA, SEA, IP! The Partner states Hungary and Serbia along with the Programming Committee, including the Joint Secretariat of the running programme, are happy to announce that a series of programming documents has been created and adopted, and that the IP (Interreg Programme) has been submitted to EC! Follow the link in this article to read more about the process: