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25. January 2021.

Lead Beneficiary Seminars

The Joint Secretariat of the Interreg-IPA CBC HU-SRB Programme organises Lead Beneficiary Seminars for the projects of the 3rd Call for Proposals. The current special circumstances require special way of organization. Therefore, the Seminars will be held online.
Keeping the tradition, the Joint Secretariat organizes one Seminar for the Lead Beneficiaries from Hungary and another one for the Lead Beneficiaries from Serbia on the following dates:

Serbian Lead Beneficiary Seminar – 3 February 2021 (Wednesday); from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Hungarian Lead Beneficiary Seminar – 4 February 2021 (Thursday); from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The Seminars will be organized on the Zoom platform.

In order to the Lead Beneficiaries could prepare with questions and remarks, the presentations are already available. Please find below the agenda and the draft version of the presentations.

The following documents are available for download:
01 Preparation and submission of project level reports_web 01-preparation-and-submission-of-project-level-reports-web.pdf
02 Modification during project implementation phase_web 02-modification-during-project-implementation-phase-web.pdf
03 Eligibility and procurement rules_web 03-eligibility-and-procurement-rules-web.pdf
04 Information and publicity requirements_web 04-information-and-publicity-requirements-web.pdf
Agenda_LB Seminar_HU_04022021 agenda-lb-seminar-hu-04022021.pdf
Agenda_LB Seminar_SRB_03022021 agenda-lb-seminar-srb-03022021.pdf

Other news

  • 29. July 2021.
    Availability of the Secretariat UPDATE
    The renovation has been completed, and we're back in the offices and available on all communication channels.
  • 25. June 2021.
    Availability of the Secretariat
    The Secretariat will not be available on landline or personally in the Budapest offices due to renovation till further notice.
  • 22. February 2021.
    General Advice Sheet
    The Joint Secretariat has prepared a General Advice Sheet with an aim to help the Beneficiaries of our Programme in the project implementation.