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06. September 2018.

The Programme of cross-border cooperation of Hungary and Serbia honours the European Cooperation Day with project events showcasing the cooperation in action

15 events on both sides of the border organized by seven projects being implemented within the Programme will be open to public and free to attend


Budapest, 6 September 2018 – Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Hungary-Serbia, an EU co-financed initiative, will celebrate this year’s European Cooperation Day in September and October, with 15 events, organized by seven projects being implemented within this Programme.

With the goal to showcase what the cross-border cooperation between the two neighbouring countries is in effect and to raise awareness about the value the EU investments have for the region, the Joint Secretariat of the Programme invites the residents of the Hungary-Serbia border region and anyone interested to join in this year’s celebration.

The visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor festivals and free-of-charge sports events, art exhibitions, theatre shows for children, and much more.

The detailed schedule of events is available on the Programme’s website.

The participating projects, which help preserve the cultural heritage of the Hungary-Serbia border region and increase its tourism potential, as well as improve the water management systems in the region, are the following: ActiveGirls – “Support sport and physical activity of girls”, CB BASKET – “Cross-border basket games”, CommonHeritage – “Together for Common Future of Common Cultural Heritage”, FOLKcoolTOUR – “Folklore and Culture as Touristic Attractions - Hidden Values and Treasures”, OPTI-BIKE – “Optimising traffic in the border zone, planning and construction of bicycle paths”, THEATRO – “Theatre art as a regional hub for children's socialization”,  and  WATERatRISK – “Improvement of drought and excess water monitoring for supporting water management and mitigation of risks related to extreme weather conditions”.

“What better way to honour the achievements of the territorial cooperation that the European Cooperation Day celebrates than showcasing the cross-border cooperation in action! The project-hosted events offer the residents of the Hungary-Serbia border region an excellent opportunity to experience this cooperation, as well as to better understand the true value of the EU investment in our region. We look forward to celebrating this special occasion together,” stated Viktor Tunić, Head of the Joint Secretariat of the Interreg-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Hungary-Serbia.

Through the Interreg-IPA CBC Programme Hungary-Serbia, the European Union currently supports 72 projects in the Hungary-Serbia border region which aim to improve the conditions in the areas of: water management, cross-border traffic, tourism and cultural heritage preservation, and development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The number of such projects is expected to grow, as the Programme intends to launch the Third Call for Proposals in 2019.

The European Cooperation Day is an annual observance taking place on 21 September and the surrounding weeks to celebrate the achievements of territorial cooperation in different regions in Europe, including the neighbouring countries of the European Union. 


[The video clip was produced by the Interact Programme –]

The following documents are available for download:
Press release_European Cooperation Day press-release-european-cooperation-day.pdf

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