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28. October 2019.

European Cooperation Day 2019

The Interreg-IPA CBC Hungary-Serbia Programme celebrated this year’s European Cooperation Day with 15 events, which nine projects being implemented within the Programme, organized throughout September and in early October.

The events provided over 1,200* visitors with opportunities to experience the cross-border cooperation between the organizations from Hungary and Serbia in action, while enjoying free-of-charge concerts, music festivals, art exhibitions, family fairs, theatre plays for children and much more.

Through this initiative, the projects: C-AGRO-Dev – “Cross-border Agrobusiness Development Program”, ColourCoop – “Colourful Cooperation”, CommonHeritage – “Together for Common Future of Common Cultural Heritage”, Modern Folking – “Strengthening multicultural relations by youth events organization in the border region”, NATESS – “Natural selfness”, PLANTSVITA – “Development of soil type adapted microbiological products promoting ecological pest management”, PROTECT – “Nature Protection from Invasive Plant Species”, THEATRO – “Theatre art as a regional hub for children's socialization”, and  WATERatRISK – “Improvement of drought and excess water monitoring for supporting water management and mitigation of risks related to extreme weather conditions”  helped  raise awareness about the value the EU investments have for the region.

Photo Gallery capturing some of the best moments from the events celebrating the European Cooperation Day 2019 in the Hungary-Serbia border region.

European Cooperation Day is an annual observance taking place on 21 September and the surrounding weeks to celebrate the achievements of territorial cooperation in different regions in Europe, including the neighbouring countries of the European Union.


*Estimated number of visitors based on project reports

Other news

  • 02. October 2019.
    The Third Call for Proposals ended with 121 submitted project proposals
    The Third Call for Proposals closed on 30 September 2019 at 15:00 CET, with 121 applications with project proposals submitted via IMIS 2014-2020 Application Module.
  • 03. September 2019.
    Celebrating the European Cooperation Day 2019
    The Programme celebrates the annual European Cooperation Day this September and early October with 15 events, hosted by nine projects being implemented within this Programme.
  • 04. July 2019.
    Info Days in Serbia
    The Joint Secretariat and the Joint Secretariat Antenna of the Programme will organize Info Days, full-day seminars on both sides of the Hungary-Serbia border intended for the potential Applicants within the Third Call for Proposals.