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28. October 2015.

Examples of Good Cooperation within the Hungary-Serbia IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme

Within the Programme, there were three Calls for Proposals, 204 cross-border projects were financially supported. All projects are presented in the separate publication Project Catalogue, available in English, Hungarian and Serbian.

All 204 projects indisputably achieved praise-worthy results through good cooperation with their cross-border partners, and the publication Examples of Good Cooperation presents only a few of them for exemplary purposes.

Important element of this publication are the testimonials from 42 people who live in the border-region of Hungary and Serbia who have shared how they benefitted from the Programme results in their everyday life.

Download electronic version of the Examples of Good Cooperation in English.

Other news

  • 29. December 2020.
    Interreg+, the new information and monitoring system
    A new information and monitoring system is introduced for the Interreg programmes implemented with Hungarian Managing Authority. The INTERREG+ (I+) platform will be used for reporting by the Beneficiaries of the 3rd Call for Proposals.
  • 29. December 2020.
    New projects in contracting phase
    40 projects will start or have already started the implementation within the 3rd Call for Proposals.
  • 28. December 2020.
    Projects making a difference - BABECA
    BABECA project has multiple significance with improving the functioning of the Baja-Bezdan Canal.