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13. June 2017.

Second Call for Proposals – Selected Projects within the Priority Axis 1 and Priority Axis 2

Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) of the Interreg-IPA CBC Hungary-Serbia Programme held a meeting on 18 May 2017 in Subotica, Serbia, and selected projects for funding in the Priority Axis 1 and 2 submitted within the Second Call for Proposals.

The projects selected for financing are:


Priority Axis 1 – Improving the cross-border water management and risk prevention systems

Action 1.1 – Water management and protection against extreme weather conditions:

  • HUSRB/1602/11/0057 – WATERatRISK – Improvement of drought and excess water monitoring for supporting water management and mitigation of risks related to extreme weather conditions
  • HUSRB/1602/11/0225 – PREVENT!FLOOD SUSTAINABLY – Increasing the efficiency of municipal flood protection through smart metering
  • HUSRB/1602/11/0010 – ECOWAM – Ecofriendly water management against extreme weather conditions in the cross-border area
  • HUSRB/1602/11/0097 – URBAN-PREX – Monitoring, forecasting and development of online public early warning system for extreme precipitations and pluvial floods in urban areas in the Hungarian-Serbian cross-border region

Action 1.2 - Nature protection and conservation of water based habitats:

  • HUSRB/1602/12/0014 – SWeM-PaL – Sustainable wetland management of the transboundary Palic-Ludas catchment area
  • HUSRB/1602/12/0065 – PANNONSTEPPES – Conservation of key animal species of Pannonian Steppes in a border region between Hungary and Serbia  
  • HUSRB/1602/12/0132 – PROTECT – Nature Protection from Invasive Plant Species


Priority Axis 2 – Decreasing the bottlenecks of cross-border traffic

Action 2.1 - Border crossing points, roads and bicycle roads:

  • HUSRB/1602/21/0061 – SO-BAJA2 - Improving cross border road between Baja and Sombor part II
  • HUSRB/1602/21/0186 – KNESZECYC-4 – Szeged (Szőreg) - Novi Knezevac Bicycle Road Construction (phase 4)
  • HUSRB/1602/21/0102 – OPTI-BIKE – Optimising traffic in the border zone, planning and construction of bicycle paths


JMC did not select any projects for funding in the Action 2.2. Improving public transport services and railway lines.

Selected projects, including their title, summary, name of the Lead Beneficiary and the amount of allocated funding, will be announced on the website of the Programme, in the section Projects, right after the contracting process is completed.

Applications in the Priority Axis 3 (PA 3) and Priority Axis 4 (PA 4) submitted within the Second Call for Proposals are currently undergoing the process of Quality Assessment. The projects will be notified about the result in due time, and the information about selected projects for financing will be published on the Programme’s website.

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