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30. November 2017.

Second Call for Proposals – Selected Projects within the Priority Axis 3 and Priority Axis 4

Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) of the Interreg-IPA CBC Hungary-Serbia Programme held a meeting on 13 November 2017 in Kecskemét, Hungary, and selected projects for funding in the Priority Axes 3 and 4 submitted within the Second Call for Proposals.

The projects selected for financing are the following:

Priority Axis 3 – Tourist products, services and attractions based on natural and cultural heritage

Action 3.1 – Tourist products, services and attractions based on cultural and natural heritage:

  • HUSRB/1602/31/0084 – HEALTH-TOUR – Health Tourism – Good Tourism: Joint Development of Medical and Health Tourism in the HU-SRB Cross-Border Region
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0051 – TisaWaterTours – Development of a cross-border water tourism destination along the Lower Tisa section
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0209 – Danube Wine Route – Creation and Positioning of Danube Wine Route as a Touristic and Cultural Brand In the Cross-Border Region
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0252 – MILLS' ROUTE – GRINDING MILLS, BINDING ROADS -  HU-SRB cross-border thematic route under the sign of mills and windmills
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0081 – CET – Common efforts for tourism
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0048 – IDENTIS – Integrated Development of Natural and Cultural Tourism in Tisa River Region
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0075 – AREeCcDev – A New Approach in Rural Ethno- and Ecotourism: Capacity and Competence Development
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0154 – FOLKcoolTOUR – Folklore and Culture as Touristic Attractions - Hidden Values and Treasures
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0111 – ArtNouveau – Our Borderless Art Nouveau Culture
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0068 – OASIS – Kistelek-Magyarkanizsa complementary touristic development based on natural resources as interconnected diverse elements of the regional touristic system
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0176 – CULTOUR – Development of tourism based on  local cultural and natural values
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0128 – Rehab NatCult Heritage – Rehabilitation of common natural and cultural heritage for future development of the region.
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0204 – WATERTOUR – Development of water tourism on waterways connecting Hungary and Serbia 
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0242 – NATESS – Natural selfness
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0205 – CULHUSRBTOUR – Cultural - Contemporary TOURism Route
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0026 – PALMCULTURE – Culture on the Palm - Palm Culture
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0197 – VoBaNISTA – Vojvodina and Bács-Kiskun Night Sky as a Novel Touristic Attraction
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0227 – Baja-Sombor Greenways – Ecotourism destination development of the Baja-Sombor cross-border region by the development of thematic greenways and tourism packages
  • HUSRB/1602/31/0050 – Art&Craft – Tracing our common artistic heritage


Action 3.2 - Cooperation in the fields of cultural, community events, sport, leisure, nature protection:

  • HUSRB/1602/32/0115 – Old habits in a new guise – Using common cultural heritage as an economic development source
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0009 – CommonHeritage – Together for Common Future of Common Cultural Heritage
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0020 – TISATUR – Ecotourism and Environmental Protection - We are in the Same Boat
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0164 – Inter-Cult – Intercultural youth cooperation mosaics in the cross-border region
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0087 – CRAMANTOUR – Craftsmanship tourism: local values in cross-border prespective
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0218 – LIVES  – LIVING ARCHIVES – Relics of Common Cultural Heritage
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0247 – Community footprint – Volunteers and communities without borders
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0063 – K3CI – Kaleidoscope of Contemporary Culture and Creative Industries
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0098 – FILMY – Film art connects young people
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0213 – ECO-SCHOOL – ECO-SCHOOL – educational network for eco-conscious, sustainable life
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0085 – Youth-together – Youth working together in protecting the nature, promoting healthy lifestyles, cultural heritage and promotion of tourism through cross-border cooperation and exchange of examples of good practice
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0140 – TRADinBORD2  – TRADinBORD2 - promoting and preserving TRADItioN and identity jointly in the BORDer region
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0086 – NEWTRAD  – Traditional Architecture from a New Perspective
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0230 – Modern Folking – Strengthtening multicultural relations by youth events organization in the border region
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0001 – CETTVYP – Balástya and Torontáltorda Government hold range of cultural events to transmit  traditions and traditional values to young people
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0004 – CB BASKET –  Cross-border basket games
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0022 – CBS-CD – Cross-Border Sound for Children with Disabilities
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0064 – PREDIHUSRB – Prediction of the children success in the sport without borders
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0106 – THEATRO – Theatre art as a regional hub for children's socialization
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0039 – CULTSTREAM – CULTSTREAM or the new culture of water
  • HUSRB/1602/32/0032 – ActiveGirls – Support sport and physical activity of girls


Priority Axis 4 – Enhancing SMEs’ economic competitiveness through innovation-driven development

Action 4.1 - Enhancing innovation through cooperation between SMEs and research institutions involving young people:

  • HUSRB/1602/41/0172 – ITC Mind – Innovation and Technology Center for Metal Industry
  • HUSRB/1602/41/0214 – CORNUCOPIA – Competitive sustainability of agricultural enterprises through the development of new products with added value based on alternative plant species
  • HUSRB/1602/41/0146 – TASQ – Traditional and Standard Quality
  • HUSRB/1602/41/0031 – PLANTSVITA – Development of soil type adapted microbiological products promoting ecological pest management
  • HUSRB/1602/41/0190 – CHECK-IT – Establishing innovation-technology platform “Checkpoint IT the Community” in cooperation of Szeged-Subotica-Novi Sad
  • HUSRB/1602/41/0158 – IkNNOw – Cross-border Knowledge and Technology Transfer Platform to support young researchers and innovative SMEs and to catalyze their business-academia type cooperation
  • HUSRB/1602/41/0012 – RILIAM – Regional Innovation Laboratory for Industrial Automation and Mechatronics
  • HUSRB/1602/41/0042 – AGRINNO – Agriculture innovation towards growth and employment in cross-border region
  • HUSRB/1602/41/0121 – AgroCraft2 – AgroCraft2 -  Common brand building with quality assurance background to promote local agroproducts and farmers in the CrossBorderRegion
  • HUSRB/1602/41/0167 – C-AGRO-Dev – Cross-border Agrobusiness Development Program


Action 4.2 - Encouraging and development of social entrepreneurship:

  • HUSRB/1602/42/0152 – SocioAgro – Social entrepreneurship and community agriculture for combating long-term unemployment
  • HUSRB/1602/42/0173 – HandyCraft2 – HandyCraft2 - Social Enterprise to integrate the Craftmen in the CrossBorderRegion
  • HUSRB/1602/42/0073 – WOMEN-TO-SAVE – Social entrepreneurship for women in rural areas
  • HUSRB/1602/42/0112 – LT-LV – Local tastes - Local values
  • HUSRB/1602/42/0210 – PROSOCENT – Promoting Social Entrepreneurship in Serbia and Hungary
  • HUSRB/1602/42/0045 – QUAD SE – QUAD: Accessible Eco-Tourism Social Entrepreneurship

Selected projects, including their title, summary, name of the Lead Beneficiary and the amount of allocated funding will be announced on the website of the Programme, in the section Projects, after the contracting process is completed.

In the days following this announcement, all Applicants will receive the formal notification about the status of their application.

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