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26. June 2020.

Third Call for Proposals - Selected Projects

We are happy to announce that the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) of the Interreg-IPA CBC Hungary-Serbia Programme concluded the selection procedure on 18 June 2020 and selected projects for funding submitted within the Third Call for Proposals. 

The projects selected for financing are:


Priority Axis 1: Improving the cross-border water management and risk prevention systems

Action 1.1 : Water management and protection against extreme weather conditions

  • HUSRB/1903/11/0070 – SafeForest – Improving Floodplain Forest Management along the Danube in the HU-SRB CBC area

Action 1.2: Nature protection and conservation of water based habitats

  • HUSRB/1903/12/0049 – BirdPROTECT – Protect Wild Birds = Protect Habitats = Protect Humans


Priority Axis 2: Decreasing the bottlenecks of cross-border traffic

Action 2.1: Border crossing points, roads and bicycle roads

  • HUSRB/1903/21/0063 – CBC-BIKE – Horgos-Röszke-Szeged - The good way connects everyone
  • HUSRB/1903/21/0092 * – Free crossing Backa – Development of Hercegszántó-Backi Breg cross-border crossing with the necessary duties for freight transport facilities
  • HUSRB/1903/21/0098 – OPTI-BIKE 2 – Optimising traffic in the border zone by construction of bicycle paths
  • HUSRB/1903/21/0113 * – EcoBikeNet – Joint development of cross-border bicycle network accessing nature

Action 2.2: Improving public transport services and railway lines

  • HUSRB/1903/22/0121 – INPUTRANS – Improvement on the public transport services in the CBC region through the integration of public transport modes, development of railway infrastructure, and harmonization of transport procedures


Priority Axis 3: Encouraging tourism and cultural heritage cooperation

Action 3.1: Tourist products, services and attractions based on cultural and natural heritage

  • HUSRB/1903/31/0019 – WSCRoute – Famous women in science and culture: experience design through joint cultural tourism route and product development in Serbia-Hungary cross-border region
  • HUSRB/1903/31/0066 – BACROUTE – Developing ’Flavours, adventures and cultural values of Backa’ gastro- and handycraft cross-border tourism route    
  • HUSRB/1903/31/0075 – Baja-Sombor Tourism4All  – Development of barrier-free tourism in the Baja-Sombor cross-border area                       

Action 3.3: Cooperation in the fields of cultural and community events

  • HUSRB/1903/33/0004 – POPEYE – Program Of Physical Education and healthY Eating             
  • HUSRB/1903/33/0013 – CULTCAP – Capturing natural and cultural values in the region of Kanjiza and Szeged                                
  • HUSRB/1903/33/0024 – SoundDancePaint – Cross-Border Sound, Dance and Paint for Children with Disabilities                         
  • HUSRB/1903/33/0040 – TIMSUM – Cultural cooperation on "Historicism in Backa" and promotion of tourism in the region                                 
  • HUSRB/1903/33/0094 – Digital Meets – Culture Digital Meets Culture: Promotion of the Cross-Border Heritage through Digital Prism
  • HUSRB/1903/33/0103 – SALVAGE – More than worth it: Recycling of the cultural heritage of Backa                                   
  • HUSRB/1903/33/0110 * – HERINFUTUR – Young People and Heritage - Tradition and Future in CBC region

Action 3.4: Cooperation in the fields of sport, leisure and minor actions related to nature protection

  • HUSRB/1903/34/0002 – NaturalValues – Cooperation for Protection and Promotion of Common Natural Values                                 
  • HUSRB/1903/34/0005 – CBC Chess – Enhancing cross-border co-operation in promotion of chess sport and in youth chess education
  • HUSRB/1903/34/0007 * – FPFSS – Fair play in the fields of sport and society
  • HUSRB/1903/34/0020 – FAB – Football across border                                                                           
  • HUSRB/1903/34/0034 – NAFUTURE – Nature for the Future without Borders                             
  • HUSRB/1903/34/0035 – Youth together 2 – Youth continuing to work together through education, sports and ecological activities, developing  sustainable tourism
  • HUSRB/1903/34/0052 – CB EQUESTSPORT – Equestrian sport events across the HU-SRB border
  • HUSRB/1903/34/0056 – Inter Pingpong 3 – Extension of Cross-Border, Integrated Table Tennis Program for Youth, Amateur and Handicapped Players           
  • HUSRB/1903/34/0061 – CB Basket A to Z – “Basketball Without Borders” - sport is part of our culture, which helps to get to know each other.
  • HUSRB/1903/34/0062 – MultiSport  HUSRB – MultiSport across the border                                 
  • HUSRB/1903/34/0120 * – NATURAL HEALTH – NATURAL HEALTH - for health through the protection of natural heritage


Priority Axis 4: Enhancing  SMEs’  economic  competitiveness  through innovation driven development

Action 4.2: Encouraging and development of social entrepreneurship

  • HUSRB/1903/42/0036 – SENTREM – Development of inovative social entrepreneurship model for voulnerable groups in border region
  • HUSRB/1903/42/0053 – INCIRCLE – Inside the circle – diversity and integration
  • HUSRB/1903/42/0059 – AGRINNO 2 – Enhancing the entrepreneurship and employment potential in cross-border region through innovation driven agricultural practices
  • HUSRB/1903/42/0078 – Senior-In – Cross-border Senior Entrepreneurship Incubator
  • HUSRB/1903/42/0105 – LT-LV-LF – Local Tastes – Local Values – Local Foods
  • HUSRB/1903/42/0107 – Antennas recycling – Informal recycling sector inclusion

Action 4.3: Enhancing entrepreneurial innovation involving research institutions through scholarships for young people

  • HUSRB/1903/43/0008 – SCHOLAR-SME – Increasing the Economic Competitiveness and Innovative Development of SMEs through Young People's Scholarships in the Mórahalom-Zrenjanin Program
  • HUSRB/1903/43/0012 – BEE-Student – Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystem - Student entrepreneurship beyond borders
  • HUSRB/1903/43/0037 – YoungInnov – Encouraging Young People to Participate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the SRB-HU Cross Border Region through Knowledge Transfers and Scholarships
  • HUSRB/1903/43/0051 – RILIAM I-4.0 – Regional Innovation Laboratory for Industrial Automation and Mechatronics - Industry 4.0
  • HUSRB/1903/43/0073 – EduWine – Development of CB Wine Learning Area

* contracting conditional – pending EC regulation that enables corresponding reallocation


Selected projects, including their title, summary, name of the Lead Beneficiary and the amount of allocated funding will be announced on the website of the Programme, in the section Projects, after the contracting process is completed. In the days following this announcement, all Applicants will receive the formal notification about the status of their application.


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