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11. May 2022.

WSC Route: Exhibition in Szeged!

Manci Bäck, Judit Kárász, Nana Kukovetz, Vera Vass, Ágota Fischhof. Two painters, two photographers and a muse. Five ladies who, with their personality and brilliant talent, added to the spiritual prosperity of Szeged at the turn of the century. Five ladies who, for different reasons and partly because of their femininity, were not able to fully unfold their promising oeuvre.
WSC Route project proudly announces this important exhibition in REÖK palace. The exibition in which, in addition to the works they made for them, we recall their art, life and personality with an exciting short film.

The exhibition is openned from 7th of May untill the 12th of June 2022. More information could be found here:

Other news

  • 23. May 2022.
    POPEYE fair organized in Novi Kneževac
    The POPEYE project gathered more than 500 children to promote physical education programs and healthy food. Read more here >>>
  • 21. April 2022.
    2021 - 2027 IP (Interreg Programme) submitted!
    2021 - 2027 TA, SEA, IP! The Partner states Hungary and Serbia along with the Programming Committee, including the Joint Secretariat of the running programme, are happy to announce that a series of programming documents has been created and adopted, and that the IP (Interreg Programme) has been submitted to EC! Follow the link in this article to read more about the process:
  • 17. March 2022.
    "BIRD Protect" project: International Symposium “Avian influenza and West Nile virus – global threats for emerging and re-emerging diseases”
    "BIRD Protect" project's International Symposium took place in Novi Sad on March 10th-11th, 2022. With this event already behind us, project Beneficiaries are about to finish their project implementation by the end of March.