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29. October 2019.

Projects making a difference – a new border crossing opens within the project Kübekháza-Rabe

By mid-2019, there were eight state border crossings between Hungary and Serbia. However, the cross-border traffic was characterized by frequent traffic congestions, especially during the summer months. This situation particularly affected the habitants of the border region who commuted daily between the two countries.

In response to this situation, within the cross-border cooperation project “Development of a Road Border Crossing at Kübekháza (HU) - Rabe (SRB) area”, also known as Kübekháza-Rabe, the same-named border crossing between the settlements Kübekháza in Hungary and Rabe in Serbia was opened on 11 October 2019.

The new border crossing is expected to ensure smooth cross-border traffic, and to unburden the major border crossings, such as Horgoš - Röszke and Kelebija - Tompa. The border crossing operates daily, between 7 AM to 7 PM, and it is open for citizens who travel or transport goods via vehicles up to 3.5 tones, as well as for cyclists and pedestrians.

Prior to the opening of the border crossing, the project team was working on preparing the related documentation, setting up the construction space, as well as on the construction of the new connecting road in Hungary – 2,309 meter long, and the rehabilitation of the existing connecting road – 1,365 meter in Serbia and 844 meter in Hungary.

The project Kübekháza-Rabe was a project of strategic importance for the region. It lasted for three years – between 1 October 2016 and 30 September 2019. The new border crossing was the most significant element of the project. Some of the general goals it achieved were: upgrading of the traffic infrastructure, stimulation of cross-border enterprises and economic relationships, establishment of new business opportunities, exchange of experience and best practices in the domain of culture, tourism and education.

The enclosed video (in Serbian and Hungarian) was produced within the project Kübekháza-Rabe to provide an overview of the partnership, the infrastructural and administrative work involved, as well to present the newly opened border crossing.  

Other news

  • 31. January 2020.
    Projects making a difference – WATERatRISK helps us tackle the effects of the growing climate changes in the region
    The project “Improvement of drought and excess water monitoring for supporting water management and mitigation of risks related to extreme weather conditions”, also known as WATERatRISK offered solutions for monitoring of drought and excess water in the Hungary-Serbia border region which created a base for sustainable development of the region.
  • 31. January 2020.
    Projects making a difference – Project CBS-CD used technology to support cultural and social inclusion
    The project “Cross Border Sound for Children with Disabilities”, also known as CBS-CD used technology to support inclusion of children and young people with disabilities into cultural and social life of their two communities, in the Hungary-Serbia border region.
  • 16. January 2020.
    Projects making a difference – “Kaleidoscope of Contemporary Culture and Creative Industries”
    The project “Kaleidoscope of Contemporary Culture and Creative Industries”, also known as K3CI, connected the contemporary art scenes of Hungary and Serbia by connecting 70 young artists and managers working in the domain of culture.