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First Level Control

Page dedicated to the First Level Control of the Programme

Control Bodies 

This page is intended for the Programme’s Control Bodies, referred to as the First Level Control (FLC), which each partner state designates for carrying out verifications and issuing a Declaration on the validation of expenditures in relation to beneficiaries on its territory.

In line with Article 37(1) of the IPA II Regulation, the responsible control body of each partner state checks the invoices or accounting documents of equivalent probative value submitted by the partner(s) and verifies the delivery of the products and services co-financed, the soundness of the expenditure declared, as well as the compliance of such expenditure and related parts of projects with relevant EU- and national rules. 

Verification carried out by the control bodies comprises of administrative and on-the-spot checks. The responsible control body of each participating country issues a declaration on validation of expenditure to the project partner according to the standard form of the Programme. 

The designated controllers of the Programme work in the frame of: 
•    Széchenyi Programme Office Nonprofit LLC. in Hungary 
•    Department for Contracting and Financing of EU Funded Programmes – CFCU, Ministry of Finance, Government of the Republic of Serbia. 

Keeping the institutional arrangements of the previous programme IPA CBC Hungary-Serbia 2007-2013, the Control Bodies have complete functional independence. 

For available documents and guidelines, as well as news and events related to the Control Body for Beneficiaries from Hungary please visit the FLC  webpage in Hungarian, and for such information related to the Control Body for Beneficiaries from Serbia please visit the FLC  webpage in Serbian.