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18. May 2020.

Project HUSRB/1602/31/0084 - Tender Procedure

The following announcement contains information about the procurement procedure planned by a Beneficiary of this Programme, as a part of the project implementation. Potential tenderers are welcome to express their interest in participating in tender by sending an e-mail to the contact e-mail indicated below.

  • Project ID:  HUSRB/1602/31/0084
  • Project Title: Health Tourism – Good Tourism: Joint Development of Medical and Health Tourism in the HU-SRB Cross-Border Region
  • Beneficiary responsible for the Tender: Provincial secretariat for regional development, interregional cooperation and local self-government (Pokrajinski sekretarijat za regionalni razvoj, međuregionalnu saradnju i lokalnu samoupravu) 
  • Subject of the Tender: Public procurement for service of Development of the Conceptual Design Project for a hotel/health resort located in Stražilovo, Sremski Karlovci
  • Type of procedure: Simplified procedure
  • Contact e-mail: and/or
  • Deadline for expressing interest: 31 May 2020, 13:00 (local time)

Other news

  • 29. December 2020.
    Interreg+, the new information and monitoring system
    A new information and monitoring system is introduced for the Interreg programmes implemented with Hungarian Managing Authority. The INTERREG+ (I+) platform will be used for reporting by the Beneficiaries of the 3rd Call for Proposals.
  • 29. December 2020.
    New projects in contracting phase
    40 projects will start or have already started the implementation within the 3rd Call for Proposals.
  • 28. December 2020.
    Projects making a difference - BABECA
    BABECA project has multiple significance with improving the functioning of the Baja-Bezdan Canal.