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01. June 2019.

Third Call for Proposals launched!

Interreg–IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Hungary–Serbia launched the Third Call for Proposals, with the total amount of IPA funding of 10.38 million EUR intended for a broad range of Applicants and actions within the Hungary-Serbia border region.  

Detailed information is available within the Application Package and the Users’ Manual on the web page The Third Call for Proposals.

The Third Call for Proposals is envisioned as the last call within the Programme. It will be open until 30 September 2019 for submission of applications which aim to make a positive impact and in the Programme area by addressing one of the four priorities of the Programme:

  • PA 1: Improving cross-border water management and risk prevention systems;
  • PA 2: Reducing traffic bottlenecks in the cross-border transport network;
  • PA 3: Encouraging cooperation in tourism and cultural heritage preservation; or
  • PA 4: Enhancing SMEs’ economic competitiveness through innovation-driven development

Applications must be submitted online via IMIS 2014-2020 Application Module and only a Certification generated by the system must be sent by post.

Projects have to contain the cross-border element – be comprised of at least one organization from Hungary and one organization from Serbia, but no more than six organizations within the partnership. The partnering organizations must have their seat in the Programme area and they must submit an Application together, and if selected, implement the project together.  

Financed projects are required to last for at least six months, but no longer than 18 months.

Provisional time of the results announcement of the Third Call for Proposals is the second quarter of 2020.

Potential Applicants have the option to search for partnering organizations through the online tool Partner Search. In addition to the information on the website, for better understanding of the Programme, potential Applicants may access the infographics about the Programme.

During the application period, the Programme will provide the Applicants with assistance through its Joint Secretariat (JS) and the JS Antenna.

Other news

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    2021 - 2027 1st CfP Infodays - announcement!
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    New Programme 1st CfP: documentation published!
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  • 09. December 2022.
    5 projects to be completed by DEC 31, 2022!
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